We are the ones who create the atmosphere

The idea is simple! Wrocław market square, good wine, good food, good company and the atmosphere is "just right."

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A TRENDY address

POLKA Restaurant, the hidden history of Wroclaw's tenement houses.

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Fashionable address on the Wrocław market square

POLKA Restaurant is housed in a charming tenement house, right in the heart of Wroclaw market square; a historic building from the first half of the 16th century, in late Gothic style and of medieval origins.

Building No. 39 was a late Gothic building dating back to the first half of the 16th century. The hallway had a netted rib-vault ceiling. At the beginning of the 16th century, it was a three-storey building. The windows of the second and third storey of the façade were rectangular with Gothic profiles and carved window ledges and heads.

The front hallway had a net and rib-vault ceiling. The front entrance was decorated with a portal from around 1600, and the plaque in the archivolt was from an older period. In 1711, the building was rebuilt and given a Baroque form with a two-storey gable with a triangular tympanum.

Charming tenement house no. 40

No. 40, a tenement of medieval origin, was about 8 m wide. According to the preserved iconographic material from the Baroque period, the three-storey tenement was transformed into a two-storey gable surrounded by Mannerist volutes.

In 1869, the building was destroyed and replaced by a new four-storey building with a three-axial façade and a projecting cornice above the flat attic storey.

Until 1904, building no. 40 was known as the the Black Cross; tenement house, and from the early 1870s It housed the Louis Lewy Jr. ready-to-wear clothing company.

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History of the Louis Lewy Department Store

In 1904, both houses - No. 39 and 40 - were demolished and replaced by a new building with an elongated rectangular ground plan and an inner courtyard at the back, designed by the Schlesinger; Benedickt architectural firm. The building was owned by Louis Lewy Jr, who used to manufacture and sell women's coats.

The new building was designed on a rectangular plan view measuring 20 by 25 metres, had five storeys, and was covered with a gable ridge roof. The ground floor façade was fully glass-panelled, with the entrance located between glazed showcases and forming two short passages.

The six-axis façade externalised the structure of the building: the two successive storeys of the façade had large display windows; the fourth storey had high arched windows. The fourth floor and gable floors were occupied by Lewy's manufacturing clothing factory of a substantial size.

The arches of the fourth storey windows were set on the heads and half-columns. The façade was topped off with twin neo-mannerist gables, reminiscent of the earlier townhouses with a statue of Mercury between them the statue that can still be admired to this day.

Wrocław's "Elegance"

In 1929, the department store was extended, two stepped-back storeys were added, and the façade was given a modernist form. In 1938, the name of the Department Store was changed to Geschäftschaus Hünter.

The building was not destroyed during the war-related operations in 1945. Back in 1945, it used to house the Elegance Fashion House and Clothing Industry Factory (Dom Mody i Zakłady Przemysłu Odzieżowego Elegancja).

In the 1990s, the layout of the entrances was changed and two Renaissance portals were added to the extreme axes. Between 1997 and 2002 the tenement was the site of British Home Stores (BHS), from 2002, the Sphinx restaurant was located on ground floor, and the upper floors were designated for commercial and office premises.

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The Polka restaurant we are visiting today is a nostalgic restaurant and wine bar in the very heart of Wrocław's market square.

The vision of Chef Paweł Marteklas and Sommelier Karolina Kokoszka is to deliberately re-create the rich culinary history of Wrocław through traditional Polish cuisine with deep regional influences.

The decor of the restaurant has that feeling of warmth and casual elegance of Wrocław's bistros and bars to it, which are a true inspiration - updated for modern times.

What our clients say about us

“A nice surprise”

A new restaurant on the Wrocław market is always a nice surprise! The food was very tasty. Beef marrow as a starter - superb, beef broth with jerked meat very essentious and nutritious, duck as a main course - sensational, we also took chicken, also very good, although the portion was already much smaller than the duck dish. Waitress was incredibly friendly. I recommend!

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Aga eM

“Will definitely come back”

A newly opened restaurant of an exceptionally high standard. Surprising flavours, interesting atmosphere. We had the pleasure of tasting pork on the bone and linguine for the main course. The dessert was ice cream and cheesecake. We will definitely come back here.

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Natalia Guszpit

“Nice service”

Delicious dessert. Nice service and atmosphere :) the menu encouraged to another visit.

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Małgorzata Pielka

“Culinary journey”

It has been a long time since I encountered such a "sentimental" view of food; all dishes and products evoke positive associations in us. For some, it will be broth, for others it will be dumplings with cottage cheese, a cream puff or sorrel cream. A visit to Polka Restaurant on the Wrocław Market Square is a culinary journey through the flavours of traditional Polish cuisine, but served in an unconventional way.

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Zakoevent Biuro

“5 stars”

I was in the restaurant at the weekend. Very tasty food! Special thanks to the Chef and good service. I highly recommend a visit. Definitely 5 stars!

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Світлана Луцюк

“Everything prepared perfectly”

A place worth recommending for a big party and a tasty family dinner - everything prepared perfectly. Very nice and professional service and the cooks are not afraid of spices and have a brilliant taste.

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Bartosz Polak

“Great service”

I was with my family and friends at your place. It is very rare to find such waiters in restaurants nowadays. Food very good and service even better!

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Iron Ekipa

“Atmospheric place”

An atmospheric place with delicious food and very friendly staff. We recommend it to the whole family.

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Rubery Jander